Hair Smoothening, Keratine & Cysteine

Description: This curriculum is the latest international method of using braids & extensions to increase the length & Volume of the
hair as well as using a combination of chemicals & styling techniques to permanently straighten hair.

Subjcets: The topics include use of braids & extensions, different  kinds of extensions, effects of Japanese straightening on hair,
products used, proper after care, benefit of treatment, tools & equipment used, styling techniques for permanent straightening.

Accessories & tools: Students will be provided with several accessorial kits. Students will be trained in the use of a Ceramic
flat Iron.

JOPHIEL Uniform Dress Code: Uniform, Gloves, Slipper/Shoes, Cotton Rolls, Cotton Buds, Terry Towels, Tissues, Mask, Hair Net, Note Book and Pen.

Course Kit Contents: Zee Comb, Comb-Super Metal Tail,
Confetti Super Styler, Scissor, Mannequin,
Mannequin Holder, Clips, Gloves-VinyI, Velcro Cape and Foil.