Skin Care esthetics course (420 HOURS)

Description : The Esthetics Curriculum combines modern skin care treatments theory with
practical hands on sessions that include various types of hand manipulation and massage
movements, The Curriculum is divided in three modules of one month each. Students at the
end of each module will receive a certificate. At the end of the course the student will obtain a
Diploma in Esthetics.
Subjects : The topics covered are Bacteriology, Anatomy, Functions of the Skin, Skin
Analysis, Skin Disorders and Disease, Chemistry of Cosmetic Ingredients, Elctricity and Skin
Care Machines, Facial Procedures with and without machine, Waxing, Face
Lymphatic drainage, Stone therapy, Aroma therapy Business Practice and job skills.
Accessories and tools: Students will be provided with several accessorial kits comprising the
required products for the course and module. students will be trained with the following
8 in 1 Esthetic machine: Galvanic ( lonization and Disincrustation) High Frequency,
Brushing, Ozone Steam, Vacuum Suction, Magnifying Lamp, Woods Lamp and Spray.
Electric Mask– Used to help prepare the skin for deep penetration of moisturizing crams.
Standard Valmy Uniform Dress Code: Gloves, Slipper/Shoes, Cotton Rolls, Cotton Buds, Terry
Towels, Tissues, Mask, Hair Net, Note Book and Pen.
Course Kit Contents: 31/2 inch scissors, Tweezer Man Slant Tip Tweezer, Paper Mask,
Wooden Spatula, Cloth Cape, Terry Head Badn- Velcro Closure, Plastic Bowl, Shower Cap,
Gauze and Waxing Strips.
Product Kit Contents
Esthetic module1 : Deep Cleanser, Valeen, Vegetal Peel, Valmanina, Valmask II and otion X.
Esthetic Module 2 : Valora I, Valora II, Valnel, Valssima and Valrose,
Esthetic Module 3 : Valmarina, Valnel, Special Cram # I, Mask ( Valinsta Mask) and Valinsta
Career Opportunities : Esthetician, Beauty Counselor and Facial Specialist.