Aromatherapy course

Description: At the Completion of the course the students will be knowledgeable on ‘The World of Scents and Aromtherapy” will have an idea about purchasing Quality Control Oils and know who Essential Oils benefit the skin. At the completion of the
course the students will receive an Aromatherapy Specialist Certificate.

Subject; Topics would include history of Essential Oils, Extraction of essential Oil, use of Essential oil on different skin tyoes, Recommendations and Contraindications of Essential Oils, Skin Care Treatments incorporating the Essential Oils Students will be prepared to customize the client’s skin care product using the Essential oils.

Accesssories and Tools: Students will be provided with an accessorial kit
comprising the required products for the particular course.
Standard Valmy Uniform Dress Code Uniform, Gloves, Sliper/Shoes
Cotton Rolls, Cotton Buds, Terry Towels, Tissues, Mask, Hair Net,
Note Book and Pen.

Course Kit Contents: Cloth Cape, Full Size Towel, Measuring Cups,
Shower Cap and Terry Hair Band.

Product Kit Contents: Lavender, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Ylang Ylang, Rosemary, Grape
Seed, Peppermint and Patchouli.

Career Call : Aromatherapist.