International Esthetics Course(600 Hrs)

Description: Advanced comprehensive Esthetic course providing all knowledge needed to operate an esthetic clinic.

Subject : Combines the modules of Esthetic Skin Care, Basic Makeup, Advance Makeup, Advance Paramedical Esthetics, and Spa Treatment. At the completion of the course the students will obtain an International Esthetic Diploma.

Accessories and Tools: Students will provided with an accessorial kit comprising the required products for the particular courses. The Students will be trained on professional beauty equipments.

Basic kit Contents: Uniform, Gloves, Slipper/Shoes, Cotton Roils, Cotton Buds, Terry Towels, Tissues, Mask, Hair Net, Note Book and Pen.

Esthetic Course: 31/2 inch Scisoor, Paper Mask, Wooden Spatula, Cloth, Cape, Terry Head Band Velcro closure, Plastic Bowl, Gauze, Shower Cap, Waxing Strips and Tweezers Slant Tip.

Makeup Course: Terry Hair Band small Disposal Cape, Wooden Spatula
Make up Brushes-diffrent sizes, Palette, Tweezers, Shower Cap and Triangular Sponge,

Advance Para Medical Course: Plastic Small Clips,Wooden Spatula, Clients Cloth Cape, Plastic Bowls. Full Size Towel, Terry Hair Bands, Shower Cap, Spray Bottle Facial,  Medical Gauze and Safety Goggle.
Spa Curriculum  

Product kit Contents: Deep Cleanser Valeen, vegetal Peel, ValmaskI, Lotion X, Valora I, Valora II, Vainel, Valissima, Valrose, Valmarinal special Cream # II, Mask ( Valinsta Mask) Valinsta Powder and Collage Mask.

Career Call : Esthetician, Beauty Counselor, Facial specialist, Makeup Artist, Specialist in
Photography Makeup and Dermatologist Assistant.