Spa Treatment Course (70 Hrs)

Description: To prepare the students to perform advanced spa Treatments highly required by today’s salon and spa
services. Students will learn Hydrotherapy treatments and also the Vichy shower operations. At the end of the course
the student will obtain a spa Treatment Certificate.

Subject ; The Course covers Body Scrubs ( Salt and Sugar Scrubs) Wraps, Paraffin Wax treatment,
Body and Face Treatments, Which invoive the use of high technology supported by modern skin care
equipments, Cellulite and weight loss treatments and modern Detoxifying Treatments.
Accessories and Tools ; Students will be provided with an accessorial kit comprising the required product
for the particular course. The students will train using the following equipments.
BIOSPA : Integraicenter for corporal, Facial and Capillary treatments. 52. automatic programs, regularly
updated via internet. Digital processors of high sped and performance and thematically groped therapies and
innovative treatments.

Application are :
Cellulite and Localized Fat Relaxing and Decontractruing Therapies
Facial Electro Lifting Galvanic Hydro therapies
Muscular and Cutaneous Flabbiness Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy
Capillare Treatment Lymphatic Drainage
Firming of Breast and Buttocks Integral Corporal Modeling

JOPHIEL Uniform Dress Code: Uniform, Gloves, Slipper/Shopes, Cotton Rolls. Cotton
Buds, Terry Towels, Tissues, Mask, Hair Net, Note Book and Pen.
Course Kit Contents : Body Towel, Bath Robe, Terry Hair Band, Shower Cap, Plastic Wcap
Sheet, Exfoliating Gloves, Exfoliating Brush, Paraffin Wax Applicator and Wooden Spatula.

Product kit contents: Valmirian, sea Salt and Lavender Oil.

Career Call : Spa Therapist and Physiotherapist Assistant.